6 Ways To Grow Your Beard Faster And Better


It is possible to grow a beard faster than normal – well at least there are things you can do or not do in order to get the best growth from your beard. Genetics will always decide the amount of hair that you will produce on your face but we can put steps in place that maximise any growth.

Stress can stop hair growth.

When we stress out or are stressed we release more adrenalin and as a result we get an increase in blood pressure and air take. This causes our blood vessels to contract and these supply our hair follicles. So by getting stressed less goodness and nutrients are getting passed to our hair folicles thus reducing the growth potential.


Exercising like an animal – look like a beast!

We all know and are always told that exercise is good for us and guess what – it is! By getting active and doing exercise we break down stress and release a whole host of feel good hormones. Remember stress is our enemy when it comes to beards growth so get out there and start doing. We recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as it burns more calories, is a great hard work out and you don’t need specialist equipment to do this.

Avoid nasty chemicals – your beard hates them

These are everywhere and are in lots of our daily care products. So avoid them if you can, chemicals in aftershaves and other products take away our bodys natural oils. We recommend applying some nourishing beard oil to your beard so that it stays well maintained and healthy.

Rest up bearded brother.

Our body repairs when were resting so it makes sense to get plenty of own time when were trying to grow our beards. This will maximise your chance of recovery and likely to aid in beard growth and nutrients supplies to your hair follicles.

Diet to grow a beard faster

So eating clean is a great way to stay in shape and also make sure that your body is getting the best nutrients possible. So once again lets stay away from the crappy food with minimal values and replace them with a good clean – non-processed foods. As we have learnt the better sources of nutrients we can get inside of us the better the chances of us being healthy and in return the best chances that we will grow an epic beard.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is what our body uses to make and repair your nails and also your hair so it makes perfect sense that if we want straong hair and nails it is essential that we get our dosage. Naturally the biggest source of D3 is sunlight so get outside people – it’s really good for you (sunlight in moderation obviously!). You could also choose to supplement with some high quality vitamins or get out more, not to many foods contain D3 but fish oils can be the best sources.

So Avoid Stress, Exercise more, eat clean, get some good nutrients and get out more – all of these things will help you grow your beard as fast as possible.

Beard Facts!

  1. The fear of beards is called Pogonophobia. Symptoms can include feeling sick, becoming overwhelmed with dread, sweating and an irregular heartbeat.
  2. In ancient Egypt a golden beard was considered to be something to behold – very often Egyptian kings were depicted with having a golden beard.
  3. Beards grow faster in the daytime than they do at night!
  4. The international boxing association prohibits amateur boxers from having a beard!
  5. If an average man stopped shaving forever his beard would grow to be around 27 feet in length!

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