7 Best Beard Balms


What is beard balm? What is Beard Balm?

Beard Balm, also called Beard Balm, is an established care and styling product for male beard hair. It combines the nourishing properties of a beard oil and the formability of a beard pomade. In contrast to beard oil contains the balm in addition to the essential oils additionally wax (usually beeswax or the like). This results in a firmer texture and the beard can be shaped better. Thus, beard balm is suitable for all types of beards and is also suitable for unruly beard hair . It nourishes and nourishes the skin under the beard, as the ingredients are released by the cold-pressed oil contained therein.


How do I use beard balm?

The use of beard balm is very easy. You can use it either in combination with beard oil or alone.


The best way to work it in, if your beard hair was washed fresh with warm water. If the beard hair is still slightly damp, you can already massaging the beard oil and distribute it with a suitable beard comb . Wait until the beard oil has dried. Then you can use the beard balm for the finished styling. Before using the beard balm you should warm it up by rubbing it in your fingers. Distribute it evenly with the beard comb and bring your beard in shape before it hardens.

Best Beard Balms

1.Jungle Boogie beard balm

Enjoy the freshness of the rainforest from mate shrub, tangerine leaves and lemon. 


2. Steam Punk beard balm

This beard balm by Pan Drwal provides your beard and your underlying skin with excellent nourishing properties. In addition, shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil provide wonderful shapeability of your beard. We therefore recommend the Steam Punk beard balm above all to those who want to get their beard well in shape in addition to very good care properties. The balm comes in an aluminum box, which not only protects the precious interior but also packs high quality.


3. Mr. Bear Family Beard Balm

  • consists of natural oils and fats
  • suitable for daily styling
  • May reduce redness, irritation, itching and dry skin
  • gives the beard a natural look
  • pleasant smell
  • nice packaging


2. Camden Barbershop Company beard balm

  • consists of pure natural ingredients
  • The scent of cedarwood mixes with the fresh aroma of lime
  • goes well with Camden Barbershop Company Beard Oil
  • 60ml beard balm for a very fair price
  • moisturizes


3. Beard Club beard balm

  • NATURAL & ORGANIC – Made with our unique formula of natural and organic ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax and cocoa butter. Combined with natural oils to give you the best beard you’ve ever had.
  • AMAZING SCENT – A unique fragrance with notes of cedar and lime, with additional subtle notes of bergamot, cardamom, ginger, ylang, clove, oak, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla and patchouli. A fragrance that brings the beard to life.
  • CONDITION AND STYLE YOUR BART – You can style your beard, nourish and soften long and short whiskers, improve firmness and shine, increase volume and density, and help with dry skin, itching and dandruff.

4.Bearded Balm / Bearded Pomade (Beard Balm)

Bearded balm or bearded pomade, comes into play where beard oil has its limits: the beard styling. Beard balm is best described as a hybrid between beard oil and beard wax.

On the one hand, it helps with its ingredients and properties to get your beard in shape. At the same time, the Beard Balm contains similar care ingredients such as beard oil. You get the best of both worlds, so to speak.

5.Mustache Wax / wax Beard

Beard weft is usually intended exclusively for styling your beard. The reason for this is the overwhelming lack of nourishing oils, such as those found in beard oils or beard balms. Bartwichse is best described as a pomade for the beard: It keeps your whiskers as solid as you want them.

Ingredients in beard wax are usually beeswax, Vaseline or natural resin. The most famous bearded wax is the Hungarian one.


6.Beard brush and beard comb

Beard brushes and beard combs are available in many different qualities. For beard brushes should be resorted to a boar brush. The boar bristles are a bit harder than their plastic counterparts, but they help you better with arranging your beard.


7.Bart Shampoo / Conditioner / soap

When Bartshampoo and – Conditioner you should take a closer look. Because many products for beards contain the same ingredients that you find in traditional hair shampoos or conditioners.

Regardless of how parabens or sulfates are used in personal care products, they have not lost anything in beard products. Whisker follicles and hair follicles as well as the face and scalp have different needs. So you should treat her that way too.


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