Beard Care Products To Maintain Your Whiskers


Review some of the best facial hair care products to groom and maintain your beard, goatee or mustache. Beard maintenence products to oil, wax, condition, color, preserve and protect the quality of your beard.

You’ll also find some tips and insights for coloring your beard if you choose to bring up the color or eliminate gray. Coarse beard hairs behave differently than finer scalp hair when dyes are used, so there’s some subtleties in dyeing your beard that many guys will find has a bit of a learning curve.

Recommended Beard Maintenence Products

Beyond a quality shampoo and conditioner, some men may consider beard-specific facial hair care products for use on their beards. Below, we consider a decent boar-bristle beard brush to be absolutely essental for two reasons:

1. Cleaning dead skin cells or soap resude off the skin of the jowl and neck which is especially important for men with very dense but short beards – or guys who wear longer beards full-time, and

2. Bringing the natural skin oils into the hairs of the beard for a natural gloss and healthy shine.

Beard Dyes And Colorants

As a man ages, a greying beard is natural. For some this comes way too early in life. For others, you may find lopsided, unbalanced or uneven loss of color in parts of your beard. Still others are pleasantly surprised that coloring a beard prudently restores a more youthful appearance. But overdoing and overdyeing just makes you look like an old fool.

Whisker Wisdom : Coloring Your Beard or Goatee

If you choose to dye or color your whiskers – BE SENSIBLE – Follow these beard coloring tips for NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS and to avoid a whisker tradgedy when applying dyes and colorants:

  1. Do NOT Shave Beforehand – Do it afterward to minimize skin irritation
  2. Choose a shade 2 steps lighter than you think! TIMING controls color
  3. When Just-For-Men for beards says 5 minutes – they mean it!
  4. Just-For-Men uses a Color Scale: M15 (Light Blonde) to M60 (Jet Black)
  5. Scalp hair can ‘Take’ color differently than coarse beard hair
  6. Apply to DRY whiskers! A wet beard interferes with absorbtion
  7. Apply beard dye to your LIGHTEST / Grayest areas FIRST
  8. Shampoo color out BEFORE you see the darkest color you want!
  9. Red-Bearded Men should use Women’s AUBURN hair color products

It’s always best to UNDER-DO dyeng your beard until you are more practiced and find the right shades, product, timings and techniques. Colorant tends to continue to ‘develop’ in scales of the hair shaft even while you’re rinsing it out. If you wait until you see the shade you want during application, it will be too late! And by the time you finish shampooing it will often be DARKER than you planned when you dry off in front of the mirror. Less is often more. You can always do a SECOND application the next day if need be, and target specific areas (especially gray) that didn’t ‘take’ color well on the initial application.

Special Note For Red Ginger Bearded Men

Because only about 3% of the caucasian male population is truly ‘Red’, companies generally don’t make men’s beard dye specifically for them. Some natural dyes made of HENNA might give you the results you want – although I’ve found henna to leave a GREENISH tint that’s undesirable. Women’s process hair color in LIGHT or MEDIUM AUBURN shades is best for rich reds or bringing out the highlights in men with darker but still reddish beards. You might also find Just For Men’s Blonde and Lightest brown shades work okay if you still have fairly even distribution of red through your beard.

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