Beard Care Serum


The beard cream from the company Bartpracht is a new, innovative beard care product, which is regarded as a beard oil alternative. It promises to provide the same care properties as the beard oil but should be slightly easier to handle. We took a closer look at the beard cream of Bartpracht and its effects in a beard cream test. We present our results here.

The ingredients

What is especially important for the well-groomed man? Sure, on the one hand, the care effect of the beard care product is a decisive criterion but on the other hand, the ingredients also play a Bartpracht Bartcreme Mannheim, alternative to beard oil, does not grease, 100% …essential role. You want to be sure that what you wear every day in the well-bred beard lubricates him well. There is nothing worse than lubricating damaging care products into the hair and thus permanently damaging them. The company Bartpracht has, as the name implies, made the motto that the beard looks splendid. Thus, no inferior ingredients are used in the cream for the beard and the company generally relies on high transparency. This becomes clear, for example, through the 100% return policy.

100% natural and vegan

On closer examination one notices that the beard cream from Bartpracht consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Especially the high-quality oils have a very good care effect, just as we know it from beard oil .

In addition, the beard cream was added a lime scent, which overall is very refreshing, even erotizing according to the manufacturer. As with beard oil, the scent does not seem obtrusive. The fragrance note Mannheim stands for a discreet, but male fragrance.

Due to the high-quality natural products, which are used in the cream for the beard, so no chemistry gets in the vicinity of your beard or your mouth. The skin under the whiskers is thus not attacked by the purely natural ingredients.

Overall, the selection of ingredients makes sense as a whole, as they harmonize very well with each other. The almond and jojoba oil serves as the basis, which is completed by the use of aloe vera and safflower oil.


How do I use the beard cream?

We know it from the beard oil: With a small pipette, we drip individual drops of beard oil in our hands and then distribute it in the beard. The same is true of Bartpracht beard cream. Like a normal cream, the beard cream can be pumped out of the bottle via a pump dispenser. You rub these in your hands or fingers and massage the cream into your beard.


The application is done quickly and without much effort. The advantage of beard oil is that you can not spill oil. But even with the beard cream you should make sure that it is evenly distributed in the beard. Only then is it ensured that all whiskers benefit from the beard care product.



The effect in the beard cream test

One thing is certain: Due to the high-quality ingredients, we went into this test with a high level of expectation. After all, you will not find jojoba and almond oil in every product. Moreover, it does not happen that often a manufacturer brings a completely new, innovative product to the market.


The manufacturer did not lie to the promises on the effect of the beard cream. The cream for the beard is absorbed quickly, does not grease but leaves a pleasant shine. Mostly it is exactly what makes the beard look neat. After application, the cream does not stick to your fingers, but can simply be washed off with water. Thanks to the practical pump dispenser, the cream can be easily dosed and distributed in the beard. The cream for the beard can, therefore, be used sparingly. In the beginning, you should first test how much cream is necessary for your own beard and do not overdo it.

She strengthened the whiskers and made them supple. Dry and flaky skin can be effectively avoided with the beard cream, as well as itching in the growth phase of the beard hereby history and there is no reason to grow a beard.


In general, one can say that one can expect from her the same care effects as from a good beard oil.

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