Beard Care Trim, Shave and Care for the Stubble Beard


The Stubble beard is the accessory of the modern city dweller. While stubble used to be frowned upon, facial bristles are now regarded as an attractive feature in women. The masculine look is trendy.

Nevertheless, the Stubble beard should not scratch. Men’s thing that we explain how your mane grows fastest and is best maintained.

Because, who decides on a classic Stubble beard (in English three-day stubble or beard) , wants to maintain the male hair splendor accordingly. Even if this type of beard is straightforward, any facial hairstyle from beard to beard to beard to the three-day stubble will require their right to wash, trim and shave.


Stubble beard: Which length is ideal?

The Stubble beard is particularly popular because the delicate facial complexion also gives soft facial features male or striking contours.

However, there is no “perfect” length for the three-day hairstyle. Basically, a Stubble beard is any length between 0.4 and 5 millimeters.


Here, the man should see what length he likes best with his beard. Because just a few millimeters give the face the typical robust look of the adventurer and women’s heroes.


Grow a beard: It works so fast

Whiskers grow between 0.35 and 0.7 millimeters per day – that’s about 1.2 centimeters a month. However, the duration of individual growth depends on factors such as genes, diet, testosterone and time of year. To learn more about the beard, you can read here.


Stubble beard is not a question of hair color

Be it ashen blond, reddish or brown: The Stubble beard stands for every hair or beard color. However, with dark-haired beards, the impression of a denser beard can be created more quickly. From 0.5 millimeters wide, a black-brown beard looks like a real Stubble beard.

Blonde men have to grow their facial stubble even longer – up to 5 millimeters – for this look.

Trimming does not just shorten the beard growth to its ideal length, but also puts it in the limits of the desired contours. From the scratchy stubble to the beard hairstyle, it also takes a little care with a Stubble beard.


Where to shave or trim?

The beard sprouts fast, as you experienced above. That’s why after 24 hours you can wonder if you want to reach the trimmer for the first time (lowest trimmer level!) . This is recommended not only for rapid beard growth, but above all, to produce a uniform and above all dense beard.

However, if you have more time for beard brewing, you can also spend up to five days looking at your beard growth – and then trim it to a consistent length of 0.4 to 5 millimeters.


  • How dense does he grow?
  • Are there “holes” in the beard?
  • How stubborn is the hair?


Shave three-day beard contours: That’s how it works

For a well-groomed appearance, the whiskers should be removed in the upper cheek area and in the lower neck area. However, it does look more natural if the transition between beard and smooth skin is not as drawn with a ruler.


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