Beard Without Mustache


Reintroduced by the hipsters, worn by actors, adopted by fashion designers, it is everywhere and now appeals to men as well as women!

Between assertion of virility and expression of personality, it is carried out in several forms, short or long, wild or totally controlled. If the beard of 3 days is the one we know the most, it remains the most classic.

Here is a small overview of the most trendy beards currently, with bonus tips for how to cut them well and how to wear them well.

Very popular lately, the 3-day beard is probably the most bearded style currently worn by men. This is probably due to the fact that it is quite easy to obtain, and moreover, two methods tend to compete: some men play the card of the natural shoot (after a few days, we completely shave the beard to let it grow), while others opt instead for the “frozen” 3-day beard (ie a mower at the right height to shorten suddenly when the beard is more on the point of doing beard for 5 or 6 days).

How to properly maintain his beard 3 days?

No matter the method is chosen, like the beard of 3 days is a rather short beard, it requires regular maintenance. So do not think that it is enough to let her beard grow so that it is clean and elegant. To avoid appearing neglected, and keep looking good, it is especially important to control your contours:

  • All the hair that grows under Adam’s apple must be shaved.
  • All the hairs in the neck that protrude from the straight line drawn by the legs must also be shaved.

The beard must be content with occupying the lower third of the face: when the hair begins to rise too much on the cheek, they must be stopped at the level of the cheekbones.


Since we know that she is one of the favorite beards of women, for the virile, mature and protective look she gives to men, the short beard, called the 10-day beard, is more and more adopted. More uniform than the beard of 3 days, it allows to appear less neglected: we notice immediately that it is a beard that is wanted and that has not just appeared because we ran out of time to shave! If aesthetically it is pleasant enough, it is because it allows giving the face a certain visual symmetry, counterbalancing quite intelligently the hair area and the beard area.

How to properly maintain his beard of 10 days?

Just like for the 3-day-old beard, the 10-day-old beard needs to be maintained in key locations to be beautiful to wear:

  • Under Adam’s apple, all the hair must be shaved.
  • In the neck, all the hairs that go beyond the straight line drawn by the legs must also be shaved.

On the face, the beard should occupy only the lower third: if the hairs grow too high on the cheek, they must be stopped at the cheekbones.

While it has long been considered a beard of old, the full beard is a style that has just been updated by the hipster community, which has reappropriated while modernizing. Now rather trendy, it is perfect for men wanting to combine fashion and contemporary haircut. Among the beards called “classic”, it is the one that takes the longest to be obtained: for a complete beard really perfect, it takes sometimes several months.


How to properly maintain his complete beard?

If it takes time to grow, the full beard has the advantage of not asking too much maintenance. It does not really require a rule to respect: once again, the line of the cheek must be drawn, so that the beard is elegant to wear, whatever the occasion.

  • To define the lower third of the face where the beard must be stopped, it is enough not to exceed on the cheek an imaginary line starting from the end of the legs and going up to the upper corner of the mustache.
  • This line can be straight or slightly curved, to follow the roundness of the face for example.

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