Best Beard Oil


Best Beard Oil

American “Badger” firm is famous for their simple and effective cosmetics that they prepare with well-qualified ingredients, grown in healthy fields without using any chemicals. We are sure that when they use, people like Badger “Navigator Class” men series in order to moisten, nurture and revive their beards, skin and moustaches.

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First of all, we have to approve that keeping beards under control can just be available by using beard products that are appropriate for you. When you think that your beards will be appeared by getting renewed, this will be actually the most fundamental step. Totally produced with natural ingredients, organic certified, %100 natural “Badger beard oil” is a beard product that is most liked and suggested all around the world.

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This mixture that is including nutritious and refresher natural plants will be absorbed rapidly without getting weight to your beards and leaving any layer of fat. The “Babassu oil” that is included in it has organic ingredients that can arrange inherent moisture balance according to both oily and dry skin types. Moreover, the Jojoba oil and totally natural pomegranate seed oil – that are some of its ingredients – contribute in terms of anti-oxidant. These ingredients also help decreasing itching feelings and healthy longing in first 6 week that we start growing beard. It also let your beard gain a smart appearance when it is used at future times.

Badger beard oil has a spacious and mannish smellwith bergamot essential oil in its formula.

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In order to get best result, after bathing, pour a few drops into your hand and apply it to your beard by making massage. The heat of bath will let your beard get softener and easy absorption of the oil. You can also apply it to your dry beards; however, because dry beards will have difficulty for absorbing excess oil, you should apply less oil by obeying the philosophy that “less is much”.

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Product Features:

This product is USDA organic certified. At least %95 ingredients of USDA certified products must be organic ingredient. The rest %5 is again from the ingredients that are in the list of USDA certified secure content.

No any chemical synthetic, perfume, paraben, GDO and Vaseline is included.

It is NOT tested on animals.

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