Best Safety Razor


The best electric shaver is the Panasonic ES-LV65 . He ensures with his five-fold shaving system for a close shave in a few moves. Together with the extremely mobile head that ensures little skin irritation. And if you want, you can even use the ES-LV65 with shaving foam or under the shower.

A shaver accompanied especially the men every day – there it should be a clever device, after all, you do not want to constantly buy a new one. Whether you opt for wet or dry shaving is up to you. In this review, we looked closely at some electric razors.

Panasonic does a good job in general, but other brands are recommended – although actually only four major manufacturers share the razor market.

Best Safety Razor

Short overview: Panasonic ES-LV65

An electric razor will never be as thorough as a wet razor, and you should always be aware of it. But if you want a skin-friendly and fast shave, you can use a razor – ideally for the Panasonic ES-LV65 .

In the test, the device was especially convincing with its thorough and fast shave. This is mainly due to the five-fold shear system and the flexible shaving head, which adapts to the facial contours quite well and leaves little skin irritation.

A closer shave was not tested by any other shaver and many customers and other testers confirm that. That’s why the Panasonic ES-LV65 is the best electric shaver we can buy.


BEST ROTATING: Philips Series 9000

The shavers of the Philips S9000, in our case the Philips S9711 / 31 , are rotary shavers . This is not bad in itself, the technique is only difficult if you want to have a beard hairstyle and in places like under the nose or the Kotletten.


You lose too much time because you can only shave with a blade. The battery of the S9711 / 31 is strong and lasts about 90 minutes in continuous operation. If you just want to get rid of your beard without making special hairstyles, you will get very good shavers with the devices of the Philips S9000 series.


GOOD & CHEAP: Brown 3040s Series 3

You get a good and cheap razor with the Braun 3040s . The foil shaver has a fixed razor head, which makes it less cuddly. Only the blades move to the left and right. In difficult areas, such as the chin, something must be taken care of.

The cost of spare parts are limited and otherwise the Braun is a razor who masters his craft without having many extras.


NEW CONCEPT: Philips OneBlade QP2530 / 30

With the Philips OneBlade you get an electric razor, which at first glance looks like a wet razor. He has only one blade, but this moves very fast. The shave is very gentle, as the whiskers are not cut as close to the skin as other devices.

But after a few hours sprout again. Also, the blade does not last very long, but is also not disproportionately expensive. In difficult areas the OneBlade shaves without any problems and is certainly a good alternative.


That’s how we tested

Shaving is a daily ritual for many men, such as brushing their teeth and having coffee in the morning. Whether one prefers the open blade and shaves wet, or rather prefers an electric razor, is a matter of taste, habit, and skin type.

The wet shave is much more thorough, but also more elaborate. Above all, it usually lasts longer with foaming and intermediate rinsing of the razor. Therefore, the blade moves closer to the surface of the skin, so that stubble no longer protrude and you can leave a little more time until the next shave.

Men with very unclean and uneven facial skin, on the other hand, prefer dry shaving because small facial injuries are virtually eliminated. Disadvantage: A daily application is actually a must if you always want to look well shaved. This is gentle on the skin, but you feel – and see – pretty soon, when the whiskers regrow again.

Shaving is a highly individual matter: the texture of the skin, the strength of the whiskers, the shape of the face, the desired hairstyle – all of which are different for each man.

I’ve tested a total of ten shavers from Philips, Braun, Panasonic and Remington for several weeks, shaved them over and over again, tested the trimmers, delivered all the models and where it went with the shaving foam sample.


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