Celebrity Mustaches


Movember sparked a trend among celebrities–mustaches! Although mustaches have long been seen on Hollywood’s leading men, the desire to do their part has led previously ‘mustache-less’ celebrities to grow facial hair. How do they look? Will yours look as good, or better? Hard to say, unless you try it.

Best Celebrity Mustaches

For example, one of women’s favorite heartthrobs, Orlando Bloom, sports a pencil thin mustache, as does Adrian Brody and some of the classic leading men, like Clark Gable and Cary Grant. John Waters has also rocked the pencil thin mustache. These men make the thin mustache look good, as their faces support this look. If you would like to emulate Bloom or Brody, make sure that your face is not too large or too wide–as this can make the mustache resemble dirt on your upper lip, rather than actual facial hair. A smaller, rounder face is perfect for this classic ‘stache. Make sure to keep the mustache’s clean lines intact with either wax or a single blade razor.

Orlando Bloom

Fans of Johnny Depp will know that this actor has often been seen with a mustache and goatee. Other celebs who have also sported this look include James Franco, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Colin Farrell. This is a great way for men who cannot grow full beards to keep a good amount of facial hair going. It’s a popular, stylish look and it’s easy to maintain. Simply keep your cheeks shaved and trim your goatee and you are good to go.

johnny depp

Tom Selleck is one celebrity who is extremely well known for his thick, bushy mustache, called a ‘chevron’. Women swooned for Magnum P.I., and half his allure seemed to come from his ‘stache. To emulate Selleck, first make sure you have the face for it. A bushy mustache like this is suited to a larger face.

Power Women

Stacy Keach is another celebrity known for his mustache, but Keach grew his to hide scars, which is actually a popular reason to grow one. They do hide a multitude of facial scars, depending upon the type that you decide to grow, and where your scars are, of course.

stacy keach

Rollie Fingers made the handlebar mustache famous, but not many celebrities today sport one. The Fu Manchu, however, is rising in prominence among celebrities. The faces of Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Boris Karloff, Robert Downey, Jr and even Joe Montana have been spotted with the Fu. A Fu Manchu is a mustached named after a character of the same name, from the author Sax Rohmer. This is a ‘villainous’ mustache that typically is full on top and grows thinly down each side of the mouth. It’s often seen in movies, but can be seen on the street, as well.


Kevin Connolly, of Entourage fame, is one actor who goes for the painter’s brush mustache. The painter’s brush is easy to grow, which makes it a popular style. Other actors who have sported it include Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Pryor, Burt Reynolds and even Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling.

hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan and George Michael often sport the horseshoe mustache. A horseshoe mustache basically looks like an upside down horseshoe, and is one of the easiest to maintain. The sides can be thick or thin, it’s up to the wearer.

So, who will you emulate, and will it look better on you–or them?

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