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Do you care for your beard regularly and only want to offer it the best? A good beard oil should not be missing there. Or should not it be the best beard oil? What brings a good beard oil?

Your beard needs daily care. Bartol takes over this task for you. Pay attention to quality.

If you are about to leave a wonderful beard or already wear a great beard of your choice, then the topic of beard care is very important to you. Above all, the use of beard oil should be an important part of your daily beard care routine. On the market, you will find many beard oils with the most diverse ingredients, fragrances, and prices. With this huge selection, you may find it difficult to find the best beard oil for you.


How does a beard oil care? What is inside? How expensive can the best beard oil be? You’ll probably ask yourself these questions. And how should your beard oil smell? After all, not only do you want your beard to smell good, but you also want to please your sweetheart. The fragrance also best emphasizes your charisma, your character, and your types. After asking yourself all these questions and maybe a bit overwhelmed with what makes up your best beard oil, here are the key points for you. Read on.

These ingredients should not be missing in the best beard oil.

You want beard oil to care for your beard first of all. It should make your beard hair smooth, care for your skin and protect against moisture loss. This is where the carrier oils come into play. Especially jojoba oil has prevailed over the years. It provides your hair and skin with moisture, with vitamins and is suitable for most skin types due to its fatty acid composition. Since jojoba oil is not a fatty oil, it leaves no greasy film on the skin, or on the whiskers. It is more like wax and makes your dream bear appear in a beautiful glow, making it supple and fluffy. By the way, jojoba oil has only a very subtle odor.

best beard oil

But your skin also needs some fat, because you certainly do not want the dry facial skin. And that’s why your best beard oil should contain almond oil. Almond oil is a rather fatty oil that absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin well. In addition, almond oil is considered soothing, which can sometimes be beneficial. Thanks to the carrier oils, your beard can also be shaped a bit. But this depends on the nature of your whiskers and how much you use of your beard oil later. There are many other carrier oils, such as grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil or hemp oil – all have certain positive qualities that can help you with your beard care with beard oil.


The exact mixture of a beard oil makes the crucial difference.

You now know the properties of your carrier oils. Now it depends on how they are mixed. Your oil should exactly meet your needs. Common mixing ratios are 25/75, 50/50 and of course, you can only use one carrier oil or just three. Either because you do not need the other or you do not like the smell. A small example. If you have a dry and irritable skin, then the almond oil content should be higher than that of jojoba oil. Do you feel that your whiskers need more care then it is the other way around? Or: Here is some more grape seed oil, there is a little more apricot kernel oil.


Since many manufacturers do not specify exact mixing ratios for their products, but only print a listing on the label, you think it’s like food. Of the ingredient that is at the top of the list is also the most in it. But rest assured, all high-quality beard oils care for your beard and your skin. Beard oil producers such as Gold Badger or Beyer’s Oil are very intensively concerned with a good composition of their beard oil, which is therefore perfectly suitable for most beard types. And we also test the beard oils on our own beards, so that we can offer you the best beard oils in our online shop.

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