Finding an Electric Shaver that’s Right for You


An electric shaver is not right for every man, but more and more men are discovering the convenience of electric shaving. Most men agree that wet shaving results in a closer shave than what can be achieved with an electric shaver, but for many men, the benefits outweigh this disadvantage. Less time shaving, less irritation and no more need to buy shaving cream or replacement blades are some of the reasons men decide to use an electric shaver. Often, simply no more nicks and cuts are enough reason to choose an electric shaver.

Purchasing an electric shaver can be a challenging task. The many choices available today can make it seem absolutely overwhelming. Combine this with the potential of not being entirely happy with something that cost you a fair amount of your hard-earned money can create a stressful situation. You can increase the likelihood of getting the right shaver by taking some time to consider when, where and how you will be using it. Evaluating the benefits of available features may also be a factor in determining how satisfied you will ultimately be with your purchase.

Rotary vs. Foil

There are two basic types of electric shavers; rotary and foil. Both types have advantages and as well as disadvantages. Both types of razors have similar options and features available. Prices for the two types are comparable, although rotary shavers are usually slightly cheaper than foil models with the same features and foil shavers seem to dominate the higher end of the price scale ($200 and up).

Rotary shavers have two or three independently pivoting blades making it easier and faster to shave areas that curve in more than one direction such as the chin. Due to the design of the blades, rotary shavers are better suited to cutting longer whiskers. This may be a major factor to men whose beard grows fast or those who occasionally let their beard grow out. Reviewers have also found rotary shavers to be slightly quieter and easier to clean than foil shavers.

Foil shavers have a thin perforated metal surface covering one or more oscillating blades. Most men who have tried both rotary and foil shavers agree that they get a closer shave with a foil shaver. Because of the design, foil shavers are better at precise detailing around moustaches and goatees and the larger cutting area allows for a faster shave. Reviews of the two types have found foil shavers to cause less skin irritation than rotary shavers. However, the thin foil surface does make it somewhat more prone to damage.

The Features

Most electric shavers today are rechargeable, although a few plug-in models are still available. Several Remington models have the ability to plug it in while you shave if you ever forget to charge it. Many models have a “quick-charge” feature which will produce adequate charge for one shave in a matter of minutes. A charge indicator which lets you know if there is enough charge for a shave is another nice feature to look for. An often overlooked but very important feature is automatic shut-off when the charge is complete, since overcharging will shorten battery life. For those who travel to Europe, a model with dual-voltage capability is an added bonus.

The versatility of the wet/dry shavers can’t be beat. Not only can you use them in or out of the shower and with or without shaving cream, but you can also simply rinse clean under running water. The higher end wet/dry models also have automatic cleaning, some even clean, dry and charge all at the same time, which is a great convenience.

Other features include; A pop-up or slide-out trimmer (indespensable for trimming mustaches, beards and sideburns), a pivoting or swiveling shaver head (many reviewers have found this desirable), foil shavers with a vibrating foil (can assist in attaining a closer and faster shave).


The cost of a shaver is often the major deciding factor. As with most purchases, you get what you pay for. Generally, you won’t get as close of a shave with a cheaper shaver than you would with a top-of-the-line shaver. Experts usually agree that the way to pay less for a better quality shaver is to look for one without all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models. For instance, if you are limiting your spending to a range of $60 to $80, skip the self-cleaning, quick-charging and pop-out trimmer options and just look for the best basic shaver. Even if your budget allows for the most expensive shaver on the market, ask yourself if you really need all the added features. Why spend $20 to $50 more for something you will never actually use?

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