How Beards Are Bringing Sexy Back


Sexy Beards are the latest flavour of the month as far as man crushes go.

Men around the globe are embracing the facial rug, most likely spurred on by recent charity events over the past few years such as Decembeard which is where men are encouraged to grow a beard and raise money and awareness for bowel cancer.

Never before have us gents been pushed into growing our faces long but now we have we’re kinda liking it as are the beard loving ladies. So what makes a beard sexy? Probably the vast number of celebrities that have gone on to fly the flag for us bearded brothers. In the UK alone we have the likes of Eldris Elba (Luther and hot bond prospect) and Prince harry and even further afield our friends Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck. When Wolverine is sporting a beard we know were onto something good.

Also I think that the skinny boy band look, clean shaven and waved hair doesn’t appeal to every lady. Not everyone loves a beard but women of instagram in particular definitely love a hard chiseled lumberjack type fella.

We have also seen a rise in the fashion industry of tattooed models being used and where tattoos go beards are sure to follow. One of our favourite models is Ricki Hall who has an awesome beard and fashion sense to go with it. With an increase to beard exposure in the fashion industry beards are no longer just seen as a trampy look sported by the stereotypical hill-billy or harley davidson fan. Move aside ZZ-top and metal bands us normal men are taking the beard back, in a way that is stylish, well maintained and that smells awesome!

Beards are indeed sexy at least if only for the time being but at the moment they don’t look like they are going anywhere fast.

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