How To Choose A Hot And Sexy Beard Style


Choosing A Beard Style

Men’s facial hair styles come in a wide variety. Choosing the best facial hair style is actually more than just letting the hair on your upper lip grow out. And there are several things to ponder before deciding on a facial hair style that works for you. Some things to consider are:

· Shape of face
· Width of your mouth
· Size of your nose
· Fullness and size of your upper lip area
· Thickness and density of facial hair
· Texture of facial hair
· Color(s) of facial hair
· Shape of jaw and chin lines

Facial hair proportions are important: You can grow a moustache to help balance a large, round face. You can disguise a soft jawline with a neatly edged beard. You can also round out a square face or pointy chin with a beard. Facial hair is a great way to camouflage a wide variety of flaws, including acne scars. To help you decide which whisker hair style is best for you, consult your barber. They’re trained in assessing facial features, shapes and hair-growth patters and can be great resources to help you fine tune a beard style ideal for you.

Growing A Beard

Growing and maintaining facial hair does take a bit time and effort. While you grow out the hair and endure the scruffy look, it doesn’t have to be sloppy. Then you’ll have to shape and maintain your facial hair style with regular trimming. How often you have to trim depends on your genetics and how thick and fast your hair grows. Some say hair grows a little faster in the winter, (is it in men’s DNA?) so be prepared to do your trimming more often. You’ll want to invest in a good, high-quality trimmer for your moustache, beard, goatee or soul spot. You can also use a comb and scissors, but trimmers are generally a little faster.

Grooming A Beard

Be prepared for your facial hair to grow in different directions. This means, especially if you have a beard, that you will most likely need to use a combination of trimmer and scissors techniques for facial hair maintenance. You may want to plan for quick trims with the trimmers during the week, with a longer session on a weekend morning for full trimming. Beard and moustache waxes can help with unruly beards and help with certain aspects of

Coloring A Beard

If you find you have bare patches in your moustache or beard, you can blend the hair using the trimmers blending attachment. You can also use colored eyebrow pencils that match the color of your facial hair to fill in any blank spots. Just be sure to use a waterproof pencil so that it doesn’t run if you get sweaty during a work out. You can find eyebrow or facial hair colored pencils at beauty supply stores or online hair supply websites.

To make a guy’s facial hair style work – It’s also very important to consider your other grooming needs as well. Your skin care, hair styling and your entire look completes the overall picture. You can find more helpful information about grooming at this Mens Grooming Gear site.

With so many guys sporting moustaches, neat to big busy beards, goatees and precision soul patches, having facial hair has never been more socially acceptable or popular. Just don’t grow your moustache or beard thinking you won’t have to care for it. A flattering look with facial hair takes time and a bit of care. Regular, deep shampooing and conditioning it regularly wil keep your muzzle looking it’s best. but it’s well worth the admiring looks and fantastic sex you’ll get as a result.

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