How to Use Beard Oil and Balm


Beard oil, beard balm, beard pomade, beard wax and beard waft. Railway station? In the big, wide world of beard care a lot of products are waiting for you to try out. But what’s inside the products and how do you get them right in your beard? We’ll explain it to you in the following guide.


If we look at the beard care alphabet, there are many products especially under the letter “B”. Beard brushes, beard dyes, beard combs, beard shampoo, beard trimmer, beard cream, beard oil, beard balm, bear ointment, beard pomade, beard wax and beard waft – oh, actually you could put the word “beard” in front of just about every product. And from every individual beard care product you will again expect a number of special products, all of which have individual characteristics.


Sure, that one quickly loses track and seems to be on the verge of despair. What should I choose? And why just that? What does this product do with my whiskers and facial skin? That’s why we have the – as we find – the most important beard care products and tell you what is in it, what to do with your beard and how to use it properly. Afterwards, you will be well prepared to put together your own range of beard care products and be able to optimally meet the needs of your beard. You will see: Keeping the perspective is not so difficult as soon as you have found the overview.


Beard oil: The most important beard care product in our opinion.

Beard oil should be next to a beard brush to the absolute basic equipment for your beard care. It is said to have many positive qualities, so it should first make your whiskers softer and smoother.This is easier to touch and also influences the look of your beard. It is visibly healthier with permanent use, say: Your beard gets a slight shine. In addition, with a good beard oil, the facial skin under your beard and soothed, which is especially during the annoying itching phase during the growth phase of your beard an extremely thankful property of beard oil. In addition, it provides your beard hair with important nutrients and moisturizes them and your skin, so they are well protected from drying out. On Top, there is still a stimulating smell, which is achieved by the essential oils in beard oil.

beard oil

But what is in this little wonder drug in it? Well, the basic ingredients are quick to explain and also easy to obtain if you ever want to make your beard oil yourself.Most beard oil contains several carrier oils, each with different and complementary – we hope – at least positive properties that we have just dealt with. The usual suspects here are almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and argan oil. Exotics, by contrast, would be, for example, hemp oil, coconut oil or squalane. So that the beard oil now comes into your beard you give about five to eight drops, depending on the beard length, on your palms, rub these and massaging the good substance extensively into your beard and your facial skin. Finally, you go through again gently with your beard brush – done.


Beard balm: It gives your beard a light hold and provides extra care.

Beard balm is the well-kept middle course between beard oil and a beard pomade, as it combines the positive properties of both beard care products. Beard Balm, also called Beard Balm, thus serves to nourish your beard rich and give it a little hold. Specifically, this means that even a beard balm provides your beard hair and skin with moisture and prevents drying out. Thanks to the similar ingredients, it has the nourishing properties of beard oil. Beard balm also contains various carrier oils that soothe your skin, give your beard a silky shine and soften it.

Likewise, your beard will smell good with the use of Beard Balm, as it also contains some essential oils. A beard balm is much softer than, for example, a bearded pomade, which is why it also gives your beard support, but only slightly and therefore – we find – rather the alternative to beard oil instead of beard pomade. The ingredients are beeswax and / or wool wax in combination with shea butter. An almond-sized amount of beard balm is enough, which you rub well between the hands and – like the beard oil – gently and extensively massaged into your beard. Then again brush or comb briefly.



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