Long Beard Styles


If you’re thinking of taking your 2018 beard to the next level, it’s time to check out some cool beard styles and designs. While the best beards are usually neatly cut to produce sharp cuts and a classic look, many guys have lately been growing long, full beards. These messy but masculine hairstyles are great for the hairstyles of many men. In addition, there are so many ways to combine stylish haircuts and beards, including the transition between the hair on the head and face, which will allow you to experiment with the different styles underneath.

Whether you are growing a long beard or looking for new, short, neat ideas for a more professional cut, we have the hottest collection of popular beard styles for 2018. Check out the many different types of beards for a new style to try this year!

The fact that the beard is experiencing a renaissance is noticeable at the latest when observing the celebrities on the red carpet. Because of there actor, designer and Co. present beards, Schnauzer and sideburns in all their glory. The man’s beard is again socially acceptable and is fully in line with the trend. Provided the male facial hair is neatly maintained and corresponds to the modern cuts.



Bearded dogs are very well received in their different variants. The facial hair is particularly chic when it is trimmed and trimmed continuously. Because only clearly recognizable contours and even hair lengths make the beard look tasteful and well-groomed. These are multifunctional devices that should have several attachments to customize the different beard areas. High-quality models facilitate shaving and care of beards tremendously and make it a comfortable affair. If the beard is to be casual and deliberately slightly irregular, full attention must be given to the contours so that the barber looks not chaotic. A no-go is the full beard stubble in the collar and cheekbones.

Beards, in whatever form, are an expression of uniqueness, masculinity and self-confidence, they are a valuable fashion accessory. Simply shaving off the beard is … well, what about 2/3 of American men do every day. But we bearers are often outnumbered, we love challenges, our beards emphasize our personality, and even bring it to bear.

long beard styles

Thick beard


A good, thick beard will take several months to grow, depending on your genetics and lifestyle. If you want to trim the lower neck or lower edges for a tight design, you can do so. But be careful not to over-care or get impatient as you will never be able to grow your beard to its full potential. The picture above is a great example of how full beards work well with long hair.




With a little patience and flair this extravagant beard style gets. Are you ready for the duck tail? The most common questions about the care of a ducktail. The duck tail also needs a good deal of care. If you may think that a full beard is what old men are, then you’ve probably never seen a chic duck tail.

Soon with a beard



In fact, many women love bald men with beard, so much so that not all men need to shave their heads. While some people shave their heads because of thinning hair, bad hairline or loss, balding can be a choice for a low-maintenance style.


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