Long Men’s Hairstyles


Traditionally long haircuts for men have been reserved for those who were either “slackers” or trying to generate a rock and roll musical career. Now, there have been numerous other long haircuts designed and styled which provides plenty of opportunity for men to still use long haircuts without looking awful at work. Many of these latest haircuts are designed to show a lot of individual style, without crimping the overall corporate appearance that many men need. Choosing the correct haircut for your facial structure will allow you to still have a pulled together neat look, while showcasing your unique style.

The majority of men are not comfortable with wearing long haircuts. Yet there is no reason why you should shy away from this length. As you have surely noticed, the majority of men with long hair tend to attract attention from many women. Looking around at life in general, many women are attracted to long hair and having a great looking long haircut tends to help put you in a prime position to draw the attention that you want. Of course, looking professional and mature is still possible and long haircuts are growing in popularity each and every day.

Long Men’s Hairstyles


Useful to help create a casual or even a dramatic look many men are looking towards braids to help give them a unique hairstyle. While typically in the past, braids have been considered for women only before moving to the ethnic culture, they have now started moving much more mainstream with many men looking fondly at braids for their perfect hairstyle.


This is a style that is wildly popular in African as well as Rastafarian cultures. However, the style in years has emerged too many others as well, the hairstyle itself is a creation of knots and mats in the hair which can be either naturally created or can be created using styling products to help the hair knot into the dreadlock shape. Quite often, this style is also referred to as just simply dreds or even dreads.


This is a hairstyle that was largely popular in the 1970’s as well as 1980’s, especially by many of the rock and roll legends of the time. The style involves a very short and precise haircut in the front and on the sides, while the back is styled into a much longer length. From the different angles, the style looks vastly different. This was a style that was created especially for men, however over time a female version was created as well which was also popular for a while.

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