Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles


Gone are the days of only choosing a short haircut in order to look mature and professional. Many of the great haircuts today are also available in medium lengths and still look great on men of all walks of life. Whether you are self-employed or work for a Fortune 500 company a great haircut can help you get places, because you look great and can command respect. A medium length haircut used to be discounted as only for teenagers, but the properly cut and styled medium haircut is not acceptable for everyone. These are perfect for any man, and have plenty of great styles to choose from.

Many celebrities and even professional business men have started pulling medium haircuts out more and more, even in professional situations rather than just on their downtime. The great unique haircuts that are available provide numerous options for men that were not typically acceptable before. Now however, choosing a haircut that you like is one of the most important considerations, even more than what was previously acceptable. Most companies are quite accepting of longer hairstyles and with medium haircuts, providing the perfect opportunity this is the best news that many men could have in a very long time.

Best Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles


For those of ethnic background, an afro often represents the natural hairstyle that grows. However, some people do need a bit of help in achieving the tight curls that are necessary in order to have a successful afro. Worn appropriately they are often a symbol of power and tribute to the natural ancestry of the African people. There are numerous lengths that are able to be chosen, including both short and extremely long as well as anything in between.


Used to often cover the forehead and even present a vast array of new hairstyles many men in the past considered bangs only for women, yet this is a style that can be integrated into almost any haircut, regardless of gender. Deciding between no bangs, short bangs or even long bangs is often the hardest decision you will encounter, but selecting the appropriate length of bangs can give you a great haircut that makes you feel good.

Bowl Cut

Often called the chili bowl or even the mushroom cut, this was a haircut that was wildly popular in the past and still tends to be a beloved haircut. With the traditional style being as simple as placing a bowl that was the shape of the head and trimming what was below the bowl off, the style has evolved a bit and no longer requires the bowl to achieve a nice uniform look.

French Crop

This is also a short haircut, and is often compared to the Caesar. The biggest difference is typically the length; the French crop provides a bit longer hair as well as a more feathered appearance for the front. The Caesar in contrast is a much tighter and neater style. The French crop is a wonderful casual style that works well with all ages.

Layered Cut

This is typically created by cutting all of the hair to the exact same length around the head. While it can be argued that a burr cut is a layered cut, the length of hair typically used is much longer providing the length for the hair to lie down, or even spike up slightly.


This is often called a pompadour as well, and the style is created by cutting the hair short in the back and much longer in the front. Once the hair has been cut, to style the hair in the front is typically brushed up and then straight back to provide a bit of a poof above the forehead. Typically, a small poof is used for men; however, a female version was created with a much more dramatic poof.

Under Cut

This is a variation of the bowl cut and involves the “bowl” being lifted up a few inches to provide a much shorter haircut. Typically, this is combined with a very short cut on the very sides and back of the head with those lengths being only approximately 1/8th of an inch. The back of the neck can be either tapered or cut into a square cut.

Wedge Cut

A style that is appropriate for either men or women, this is another variation of the bowl cut. However, in this style, the length is a bit longer than the “bowl” and provides a slight tapered edge as it goes down further. This is a style that is not as popular today, however in the past has been vastly popular.

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