Short Beard Styles


Everyone knows that women love a rugged man, someone who looks like they could wrestle a grizzly bear and cut down trees in one fell swoop.

Here is the right use of a short bearded style. One way to rock this look is to keep the face highly stoppable. This is not a beard in itself, but it will attract as much attention as one.

With a short beard of every style, you can not go wrong. They look tasteful and sexy and make you look for a longer beard if you want one in the future.

For many men, the beard is the fashion accessory par excellence and stands for both uniqueness and individuality, as well as proud masculinity. Once you have decided to join the proud group of beards, every man is spoiled for choice. Over the centuries, countless types of beard have developed, with some very creative names and an extraordinary look, and from which each man can individually choose exactly what fits best. In addition to the personal taste often depends on the individual face shape and not least the beard itself, which beard is the most suitable. Many types of beard – especially those of the longer kind – also require patience, stamina and care.

short beard styles for men, short beard styles

First: All beard types and beard types need the right care

No matter which type of beard you end up giving the opportunity to decorate your face. Give him the chance to show the world what’s in him. This is not a problem with the right beard oil. We recommend the beard oil of the year 2018 with an absolutely exceptional scent and an outstanding care performance. The Dandy Gent Rose & Tobacco Beard Oil is recommended by top international barbers, highly praised by the grooming blog Barthelden and has finally received the accolade of Beardwide Beard Oil of the Year 2018. Now it is finally available exclusively in Germany. Bearded thing.

Three-day beard

3 day beardThe three-day beard is one of the most common and simplest types of beard. Probably the most original of all beards, as the name implies, after several days of non-shaving, it comes naturally. His reputation for adventure, rebel, or gambling comes from the fact that these characters usually spend little time shaving.

The wearer of the classic goatee is often said to have a wild temperament. Again, an animal was taken as a model and like a goat, the chin-beard is allowed to grow. Visually, it provides for an extension of the face and is particularly suitable for men with oval face shape. If the goatee alone is not exciting enough, you can try a combination with mustache or sideburns.


The type of bear named after the French King Henry IV is also known as round-the-mouth beard, which describes his form very well. Attributes such as gentle, sexy and romantic are attributed to him and he makes his wearer masculine-erotic and at the same time smart. Men with rather round facial features should rather keep their hands off the Henriquatre, as he tends to intensify these features.



Under no circumstances should you make the mistake of confusing sideburns with a whiskers – here only the sideburns remain! With the aura of the 50s in the style of an Elvis Presley sideburns are again high in the price today. No matter if narrow or slightly wider stripes, this look is very trendy and brings Rock’n’Roll back. It is important, however, that they are both symmetrical and well trimmed.



The absolute classic among the beards is certainly the New German Mustache named Oberlippenbart. Over the centuries, many variants have developed and the creativity of the wearer is given free rein. Whether straight, short, long, twirled or trimmed – there is something for everyone.

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