Short Men’s Hairstyles


Short haircuts for men are often quite stylish and leave plenty of room for creative personality. Choosing the perfect short haircut for your exact style is not always easy, but you can certainly enjoy picking out a great haircut. Some of the most popular styles are tappers and even razor haircuts. Regardless of your hair texture or even color, it is possible to still find a great short haircut that looks great.

With the right hairstylist, you can even create a fabulous short haircut that helps you to look much younger. This is something that almost all men want at some point in life, and a good well-kept short haircut is also appropriate for the office, weekend and anything else that you do. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities that you have with a good short haircut, and putting some time and effort into selecting your haircut will ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Gone are the days when haircuts all looked the exact same, now there are plenty of options to give you your own sense of individual style. You can choose those haircuts that are soft and tapered or choose something that is bolder and more jagged with a razored look. The choice is ultimately up to you and should be based upon your individual needs, style choices and comfort level. You can choose something wild and fun, or something more modern and conservative, regardless you are certain to enjoy all of the options available.

Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

Traditionally a very old-fashioned haircut, however many men still wear this today. The cut itself is a fairly short haircut with the hair being layered to approximately 1 or 2 inches all around the head. Once the hair is cut, the hair is then brushed forward to cover the forehead with some either thick or thin bangs to provide an interesting look.

College Cut

College Cut

This hairstyle is also considered in the past to be an Ivy League style. The overall style is cut very short in the very back with the length slowly starting to expand until the very front where the bangs are typically approximately 3” long. The bangs themselves are either worn straight, parted down the middle or finally brushed off to the side. This is a look that is often found on young college students which is where the name comes from.



Designed as braids that lay very close to the head and cover the entire scalp, these small braids are created using sections of hair that has been divided to create a uniform appearance. The majority of the time it can take many hours to create the perfect cornrow hairstyle and is something that is typically seen in ethnic hairstyles.



This style uses numerous styles to create the perfect hairstyle. Using very short and tapered hair across the bottom and back the hair gradually grows longer to as much as 2 and sometimes 3 inches across the top. The hairs are cut into layers so that the transition from the different lengths is a smooth flow to provide a neat and professional appearance.

Flat top

Flat top

Cut and styled to allow the top of the head to be various lengths that provide a flat surface across the top of the head, this is often popular amongst younger men. Traditionally the hair in the very front is cut much shorter and the hair is gradually longer towards the back to still maintain the same flat appearance.



This is not so much a hairstyle, but a component of other hairstyles. What American’s call bangs, the Europeans call fringe. This is the exact same thing, just a different name for it based upon the various cultures. The hair across the forehead that is considered the bangs is also called the fringe.

Harvard Cut

hair care

This is exactly the same as the Ivy League haircut that has become widely popular with young college students. Designed to be short and easy to maintain with bangs included as well this is a very simple haircut with no dramatic appearances and classic styling.

Horseshoe Flattop

hair styles

This is typically considered a much shorter version of the traditional flattop. Cutting the hair much shorter towards the front provides a much bigger landing strip and involves using clippers with no attachments to provide the landing strip area with the appropriate appearance. This is also at times called a burr with bumper as well as TH flattop.

Professional Cut

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Often considered the ultimate in business men’s haircuts this is the traditional design that has dominated boardrooms for many years. Cut long enough in the front to allow the hair to be either brushed to the sides or parted to the side the style tends to taper to a shorter length as it moves to the back. Highly appropriate for virtually everyone regardless of career this is often considered a very professional and powerful hairstyle.

Short Back and Sides

Short Back and Sides

Highly popular in both New Zealand as well as Australia the style tends to involve using very short hair on the sides as well as the back that is only approximately 1/8th of an inch long, while the rest of the hair is a bit longer. The hair is tapered a bit to help provide a smooth blend between the different lengths and the hair that is longer is worn based upon individual preference. Some examples are brushed to the side, brushed back, parted in the center, side parts and even a flat top.

Square Back

Square Back

This is typically a style that is used only in the back of the head and can easily be combined with numerous other hairstyles easily. Using a straight line across the back of the neck the style is cut into a boxy shape and the hair is not tapered at all, rather it is left long to help emphasize the shape of the cut. Highly versatile and works well with cuts such as the flattop, college cut or even the crew cut.


taper hair

This is the process of carefully cutting the hair using either clippers or scissors to create a smooth transition between various hair lengths. This can be done either in a dramatic, crisp transition or in a softer and more flowing appearance. This is a technique that is combined with many of the popular hairstyles today.

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