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Beard is the man’s ornament, is said by someone in history. It is no wonder that some handsomes such as Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper, who are already famous with their clean faces, will leave a bit beard these days. Moreover, research shows that women like men who have definite length and definite groomed beards.

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In the research conducted by the Human Behavior and Evolution Society in the United States, 350 women were shown photos of four different male types, including shaved, five-day stubble beard, ten-day beard and long beard, and these were shown to be evaluated in the categories of masculinity, fatherhood abilities, healthy and general.

Women’s Favorite 10-day Beard

Here’s a good reason to hold on for a while without cutting off your beard: a little itchy, but the ten-day stubble beard got the highest score in the overall total. Interestingly, the five-day stubble beard remained the lowest. In the ranking, the long beard was second, and the third was shaved.

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Let’s come to potential fathers… The paternity and health of men with long beards gained full points from women. It is not a coincidence that women in the ovulation period find men with long beards more attractive.

In short, if you don’t live in a place where you are prohibited from being handsome, don’t be a victim of anti-beard prejudices. Feel free to leave the razor aside for a while to impress women, but do not extend your beard more than ten days if you do not intend to be a father.

How to Grow Stubble Beard

Step 1: Extend

The easiest way to obtain a stubble beard is to allow 4-5 days to grow before cropping.

Step 2: Find the Stubble Beard Length that Matches You

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Start with a 3 mm setting on the styler and reach all areas of your face to provide a balanced trim. If you think your beard is too long, adjust the setting to 2 mm and 1 mm to find the dirty beard length that suits you.

Step 3: Neck, Jaw Line and Lip

Remove the clip of your trimmer to start clipping the laryngeal protrusion and slowly move it towards your face. You need to find where your beard begins around the larynx protrusion. Remove sparse hair around your cheeks and upper lip.

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Step 4: Beard Care

Maintaining a well-cared appearance means you can trim your dirty beard every 2-3 days. Moisten your skin with moisturizer, the dirty beard can dry your skin. Do not use alcohol-based moisturizers as this may irritate your skin.

Dirty beard care is the easiest style

A simple style with edges: from sweet child to an adventurous hard boy in just a few days. Today’s popular trends may prefer the full beard, but women are still fond of dirty beards, especially if not too hard! You can’t make a mistake with a dirty beard.

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