The 5 Best Shaving Cream


For a gentle and thorough shave with a wet shaver, a good shaving cream is required. But why is it like that? How does this foamy lubricant work and why is it so important? And what makes a good shaving cream? These and many more questions we clarify in our shaving cream test. First, let’s introduce you to the five selected shaving foams. Then we go a little deeper into the matter around the foam fun in wet shaving.

First of all, we present you the best shaving foams, which according to our research and our experience are currently available for sale in the trade. These are not only available at the drugstore around the corner. But you can also order them all online at Amazon. There they are usually in the supply pack, which is usually even cheaper than the single purchase in the local trade. But enough of the long words, we come to our Top 5 in the shaving foam test.

Best Shaving Cream


  1. Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam, 6 Pack (6 x 200 ml)

The Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam has been specially developed to meet the needs of sensitive men’s skin. It is made according to a mild formula with chamomile and witch hazel, which cares for and protects the skin. What you are looking for in vain is alcohol. This is not included in the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam, nor is aluminum, parabens and paraffins. Thus, the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam provides a particularly high protection against razor burn, redness and irritation, which visually benefits the shave of your appearance. In addition, Nivea’s shaving cream provides valuable hydration and does not leave glossy areas of skin, as is sometimes the case with other skin care products.


  1. Nivea Men Protect & Care Shaving Foam, 6 Pack (6 x 200 ml)

Also the second product in our large shaving foam test comes from market leader Nivea. The Nivea Men Protect & Care Shaving Foam also contains many valuable ingredients. These include aloe vera and provitamin B5. These not only soften the hair for a particularly gentle shave, but also care for your skin when using the shaving cream.

As the name suggests, it has been specially developed for sensitive skin. As a target group Nivea sees in this shaving cream Protect & Care especially men over 30 with a fine-pored skin and a balanced skin. Naturally, skin compatibility is also dermatologically confirmed with this product. The scent is refreshing, elegant and a bit woody. I also like this one very much. In terms of skin compatibility and care, the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam of my sensitive skin has fallen even better. Price wise, however, both are at the same level, because the Nivea Men Protect & Care shaving foam costs at Amazon in 6-pack with 6 times 200 ml currently (as of May 2018) 9.90 dollars.


  1. Gillette base shaving cream for sensitive skin 200 ml, 6 pieces (6 x 200 ml)

Gillette is not only known for making great wet razors like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor . The company also has the right auxiliaries in the form of shaving cream and co. One of them is the Gillette base shaving cream for sensitive skin. It is available at Amazon in the 200 ml can as a reserve pack with 6 cans for less than 9 dollars (as of May 2018). He is in the storage pack slightly cheaper than the two placed before him shaving foams from Nivea. However, the price difference is relatively low at less than 20 cents per can.


  1. Florena Men Comfort Shaving Foam, 1 Pack (1 x 200 ml)

The Florena Men Comfort Shaving Foam is even cheaper than the Gillette product. Nevertheless, this is not a cheap product. Because the Florena brand may not be so well-known, but can look back on more than 90 years of company history in which care products with natural ingredients for healthy skin were developed and distributed.


  1. Wilkinson Sword Protect Gel Sensitive, 200 ml, 3 pack (3 x 1 piece)

Fifth in the league in our great shaving foam is the Wilkinson Sword Protect Gel Sensitive – a product of Gillette’s adversary Wilkinson. In our wet shaver test, Wilkinson was clearly beaten in the Top 5 with just one model compared to four out of Gillette’s. There is also a small defeat in shaving cream – 5th place for Wilkinson compared to 3rd place for Gillette shaving cream. And rightly, the Wilkinson product is not a shaving cream, it’s a shaving gel. This is opened only after removal from the can to a foam, which means additional effort.

top 5 best shaving creams

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