The Many Benefits Of Using A Shaving Brush


A growing number of men are discovering the importance of taking care of their skin and realizing that shaving does not need to be a dreaded chore. By making a few small changes to your shaving routine, you can achieve healthier skin and transform shaving into an almost spa-like experience. I personally find that when I take a little more time shaving and use the right tools and quality products, I look better, feel better and have more confidence.

The shaving brush is one of the most important tools you can use to achieve a trouble-free shave. Men who have never used a brush often think it would be too much trouble or take too much time. They continue using their fingers to slap on canned foam and then wonder why they have problems. It’s a fact that once a man starts using a shaving brush, he will rarely go back. That alone should be enough indication that it is well worth the slight inconvenience.

To get a smooth close shave, the whiskers must first be prepared for cutting. Heat and moisture are needed to soften the hair as much as possible. To do this, most men take a warm shower before shaving. Applying cold shaving cream out of an aerosol can basically cancels the effects of the heat from the shower. When using a shaving brush, however, a warm lather can easily be created by wetting the brush with hot water. If you use a shaving mug you can get the lather even warmer by rinsing the mug with hot water before putting in the shaving cream.

An often overlooked advantage of using a brush is its ability to lift the whiskers. This lifting ability may seem insignificant but it really makes a difference even with the toughest beards. The last strokes of the brush should be against the direction of beard growth to fully utilize this effect. Applying shaving cream with fingers, on the other hand, tends to flatten the whiskers. Whiskers that are lying flat against the skin are not at all ready for cutting.

A shaving brush not only helps you achieve a closer shave, it also helps your skin. The brush gently removes dead skin cells as you swirl it around your face. This exfoliation is what many women try so hard to achieve with a variety of products. If this can be accomplished in such an easy and convenient way, why not take advantage of it? Your skin will be much healthier and look better by simply using a shaving brush.

We are all unique individuals with different tastes, different styles, different hair and different skin. Why then should we let a shaving cream manufacturer dictate what consistency of lather is right for everybody? Some men find that a wetter and heavier lather works better for them while others prefer it a little lighter and fluffier. Sure, we can try different brands and we might find one that is acceptable, but there is a better way. Using a shaving brush gives you so much more control over the qualities of your lather. With a little experimenting, you will soon find the mixture that works best for you.

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