Top 10 Cool Beard Styles


Contrary to all predictions of style experts and star bloggers, the beard as an expression of masculinity will remain fashionable in 2018! Man can so calmed continue to sprout the facial hair, without being considered neglected or rasurfaul. In 2018, the selection of cutting-edge beard styles will remain high. Only colored beards are now completely out.

We present you the various cutting-edge beard variants and show which face type they are. There are also valuable styling tricks and cool inspirations.

The 3-day beard


This beard is the easiest to “breed” and requires less care than a full beard. No wonder, he enjoys with the men a high level of popularity. Finally, it gives the wearer a cool and masculine attitude.


The 6-day beard



The longer version of the 3-day beard will remain trendy in 2018 as well. He looks very casual and cool. Important: In this beard styling it is always accurate to cut the facial hair, otherwise the look looks quickly unkempt. Men with a rather rectangular or elongated face are predestined for the 6-day beard, as they can balance out hard (and bony) contours.



The accurate beard



The accurate beard is a middle ground between beard and 3-day beard. He looks very masculine and – provided he is well-defined and well-groomed – serious enough to survive in business.
He is especially good at men with a triangular or heart-shaped face and a dense and regular beard. But it is also very suitable for guys with a slender, long face because the beard gives more fullness.

The (hipster) beard


The voluminous hipster or beard is still frowned upon in everyday business life in conservative industries. In creative companies, however, he is regarded as extremely hip, sets the carrier so but a statement. No matter which industry you work in, the full beard is the perfect care, because in this beard version, the line between masculine chic and schmuddel is extremely narrow.


Mustache Beard


The Mustache with full beard or beard is something for the brave. Especially in hipster circles, he is considered extremely hip, because he can make a strong statement and change the look.


The musketeer beard


The musketeer beard (also known as Victor Emanuel beard) is characterized by two different lengths. On the chin and over the lip, the whiskers are left longer, either shortened or completely wegrasiert on the sides. This beard style is certainly more appreciated in creative industries and circles than in conservative ones.


The Mustache


A true styling hit in the 70s, the mustache disappeared in the past 30 years in the sinking. But now he is celebrating a comeback as part of the fashionable retro wave. A cheeky mustache provides the wearer with a complete change of style and definitely has the potential for branding (as it once did with the Magnum TV set).


Stylish people now wear pencil beard


Significantly more portable than the beard-mustache combo is this combination of short upper lip and 3-day beard. If the mustache is short and narrow, it is also called a pencil beard. In this variant, he does not affect the face shape noticeably and therefore stands anyone whose beard at this point grows full enough.

Beard-Bald Combi


Of course, no one likes to get a bald head. But hair loss does not mean that you must always look the same from now on. Finally, you can still grow the hair on your face and always wear different beard hairstyles.


Undone-style beard hairstyle: The six-day beard


A 6-day beard is the perfect compromise of the full beard and 3-day beard. This beard style looks daring but well-groomed. Men with a rather rectangular or oblong face tend to look slim and sometimes even bony. In this case, the six-day beard “covers” these hard contours and can thus look appealing.

How does it work? Casual! However, to escape the unkempt impression, the beard must be regularly trimmed and maintained. It is important that the beard looks well-groomed but not made. If possible, do not shave the contours, and in no case too precisely.

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