Top 15 Beard Styles For Men


Here are the styles that match the eight different face shapes.

The face shape determines which Face Beard Style suits you best. The male face can be divided into the following eight basic forms. We recommend certain styles of barb for each of the eight face shapes. So choose your face shape, choose a suitable Face Beard Style and trim your whiskers to fit your face like a glove.

1-Oval Face Beard Style

Congratulation! They have the optimal face shape to really wear ANY beard. You have the choice. Often change the style more often. Smile about your buddies with other face shapes.


2. Oblong Face Beard Style

A high forehead and an elongated chin: beards on the cheeks as well as sideburns and a mustache without chin hair match this face shape. Face Beard Styles such as the “Imperial Whiskers”, “A La Souvarov”, “Dali” or even the “subtle whiskers” make up the elongated face in an attractive and attractive way.


3.Rectangular Face Beard Style

Cut your beard shorter at the sides and leave it longer at the chin to give your face more length. We recommend Chin Curtain, Short Boxed Beard, Ducktail, or The French Fork.


4. Round Face Beard Styles

Round face shape needs edges so you do not look overweight. Emphasize the front area, like the chin. For this barb styles such as the “Chin Puff”, “Van Dyke”, “Balbao”, “Sparrow”, “goatee”, “Zappa”, or “Soul Patch” are suitable. All these Face Beard Styles stretch the round face and make it look less soft.

5. Edged

You have heard this before. It’s time to get less edgy. Your contours need to soften, making you more accessible. A beard with or without mustache and sideburns works wonders. Avoid a full beard. You will make an angular face even edged.


6. Diamond-shaped

To this face shape fits a strip on the chin. Every style from “Rap Industry Standard” to “Schifferkrause” to the “Anchor Beard” fits here, as well as the extended mustache, such as the “Fu Manchu” & “Winnfield”. Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. Choose one of these styles, you will look even better.


7. Triangular

Growing a beard A “goatee”, “anchor beard” or a “Van Dyke” are perfect for the isosceles triangular shape. Even the “Hollywoodian” or “Old Dutch” is suitable. For the casual look, you can accentuate your triangular shape with a “petit goatee”, but do not be surprised if you look puzzled.


8. The inverted triangle

Avoid a goatee. Better fit mustache and sideburns. An “Imperial Whisker” (or the subtle version), a “Fu Manchu” or even the “Franz-Josef” is a real eye-catcher and Kopfverdreher. Conversely, men with a triangular face shape can wear a “soul patch” and emphasize the inverted triangular shape. Keep in mind that the Soul Patch is also triangular and catches the eye.


9. Sideburns remain the trend

The sideburn is symmetrical on both cheeks and represents a “connection” between the main hair and the remaining beard hair. The term sideburns is derived from the French “côte”, which literally means “side”. In 2019 sideburns are rather short, up to half of the ears.

10.Subtle chin-hair styling: the goatee

The effect of this beard is above all distinctive-male, but can quickly be neglected. Therefore, the hair should not exceed a certain length, but this depends on the face shape. In the goatee bear, women see temperament above all with longer, fuller beard hair. If the hair is cut very short, a dreamy impression is created.

11.The Zappa


12.The Chin Strap


The Chin Strap, a narrow strip of beard along the jaw, is still popular in 2019. However, it is a little more and less accurate than in previous years.


13. French fork

A beard with shaved cheeks divided in the middle. This beard is for lovers only.



A full beard with clean-shaven cheeks. Hard and sensitive at the same time the Hollywoodian wraps all women around the finger. Ready for the Oscar? A noble and very demanding full beard. We have compiled and answered the most common questions about this beard style for you. Take a stroll on the red carpet – who does not want that? Maybe you succeed, if you wear a very special beard, the Hollywoodian.


15.Rap industry standard

The musical under the beards. A very fine Henri Quatre and more. The RIS is not for shaky hands. Would you like to wear a beard, but do not know exactly which? Then we recommend the Rap Industry Standard, a beard that consists of several beards.

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