Trendy Beard Hair Styles For Every Type


You want to grow a beard or try a different shape? We reveal which beard styles are announced in 2019, which man has which beard style and how the trend beards work on women.


Which beard is mine?

“A beard should emphasize the personality of a man skillfully – but not replace,” says image coach and style expert Andreas Weinzierl from Oldenburg. “A beard was and is simply an expression of masculinity, but it is only type-appropriate if it harmoniously complements and underlines the facial lines.”

How do I grow my beard?

“Every beard-bearer will know that the first phase of waking up is not so easy – the beard itches, the skin becomes dry and with increasing length, the whiskers become wilder, often the reason the beard is shaved off again.


Beard Hairstyles: The Three-Day Beard

In 3 days to more manhood: A study commissioned by Wilkinson has revealed that the 3-day beard is the most male beard style of all for nearly 75 percent of women.

Who is it? An area-wide beard like the three-day beard makes the face look rounder and softer, making it particularly suitable for rectangular trains. But he is the most men.

How does it work? A 3-day beard is particularly popular with women – assuming; he is well-groomed. “The beard should look like you’re not doing anything, but you just can not grow up!

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Beard Styles 2019: The beard remains the trend


The beard is not shaved, only trimmed and styled. Even if he looks wild and daring, regular care is important: So clean daily and get in shape with oil or beard Balm.

Who is it?  The full beard visually elongates the face. This makes it particularly beneficial for more round faces. For the same reason he should not be worn too long on narrow faces.



Around-the-mouth-beard: The Henri quatre is in 2019 announced

The Henri quatre is also known as a round-the-mouth beard. Because upper lip and chin beard are connected ovals around the mouth. Cheeks and neck are shaved smooth.

Who is it? A Henri quatre makes the contours appear softer and narrower. That is why it especially suits large, square faces.

How does it work? Image-Trainer Weinzierl knows: “The round-the-mouth beard exudes a strong masculinity, whereby it looks very sexy. The lower part should not be worn too long for an optimal appearance, because otherwise the effect quickly into the Aggressive slips. ”

And otherwise?  Jan Josef Liefers wears the Henri quatre in the role of Professor Boerne in the crime scene and has thereby gained him popularity.



Beard Styles 2019: ZZ – the extra long full beard


More beard does not work! When overlong ZZ full beard applies: The longer, the hipper. It often takes years to reach ZZ status. You still have to sew it regularly – ideally not yourself, but once a month at the hairdresser or barber of your trust.

Who is it? The long beard stretches visually and is therefore mainly men with round or square faces. A slender face would disadvantageously stretch the beard.

How does it work? An over-long beard looks wild and pithy but also makes the wearer look older.

And otherwise?  The longest beard, by the way, was the Norwegian Hans N. Langseth – he reached a length of 5.33 meters.

Beard Hairstyles: 2019 please not too accurate


Full beard is not the same full beard. Some men prefer a natural habit and leave the whiskers where they come out. So they are totally in vogue.  Who is it? This beard makes the contours appear softer and is therefore mainly men with rather angular facial features. Stay away from a round face. Then the beard might even make you “fat”.

How does it work? Casual! Assuming you have a consistent beard growth. If the hair grows very irregular, this beard hairstyle looks rather shaggy and unkempt for women.

And otherwise?  The natural-pur look fits long hair, which you also like to tie up to the bun.


Trendy beard hairstyle: Beard mustache combo


Who is it? A mustache suits all face shapes. But: As with the hair, but also applies here: less is more. Otherwise, the look looks quickly disguised. Rather, something for lovers is the pronounced forms of mustache, in which the sometimes several ten centimeters long whiskers are styled, twirled, curled or curled.

How does it work?  The mustache is rather something for nostalgics, since it acts on women quickly cool, but also ironic and mysterious, knows Weinzierl. He even looks stuffy, if he is not sufficiently stylishly presented and styled.


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