Very Short Men’s Hairstyles


Men all around the world are always looking for something stylish in a haircut, even if they don’t want a lot of hair, or if they don’t have much hair to work with anyways. Finding your perfect very short haircut is not always easy, but there are several great styles that you have to choose from that can be very attractive no matter your age.

For those who are interested in the very short haircut there are options such as the burr, butch, and even brush cut to name just a few options. The exact length of your next haircut can vary slightly, but the styles are a bit limited. However, just because you select a very short haircut does not mean that you are left with only boring styles. Having a bit of fun and injecting a bit of creativity into your haircut is still possible even when you are selecting a very short haircut.

Choosing a very short haircut can be helpful and involve much less time to care for your hair, plus helps keep you cooler in the summers and warmer temperatures making them the perfect choice for so many men. Feel confident and enjoy the very short haircut, you are sure to love the way it looks on you.


bald, bald hair

There are some men who are born with a head full of hair and others who are unable to keep their hair. However, while some men are naturally bald, there are others who choose these sleek and often sexy appearance simply because it can be highly attractive to women as well as the ultimate in low maintenance hairstyles. With the correctly shaped and maintained head and scalp, a bald head is a beautiful sight to behold.

Burr Cut

burr cut

This is typically a very short haircut that is also often called the induction or even a jarhead. Wildly popular in many of the military sectors, many other men often choose this style because of the simplicity in maintaining the haircut. There is typically no variation in length and the hair is on length all around.



This haircut is usually defined by the hair being all the exact same length all around. The most popular length is approximately ¼” however; it can sometimes be much shorter. Another common name for this style is the crew cut; however, this is typically used overseas and internationally. The butch haircut is traditionally in America a bit shorter than a crew cut.

Buzz Cut

buzz cut

This is considered a very short haircut with typically extremely short. Quite often, there are no attachments used with the clippers to achieve this hairstyle. This is a hairstyle that should be used with caution if you live in extremely sunny areas because it can allow the scalp to easily burn in the sunlight.

Crew Cut

crew cut

There are two major versions of this style, the European and the American version. The American version tends to have the hair tapered in the back as well as the sides and up to 1inch in length on the very top. European crew cuts in contrast refer to almost any cut that is short all around the entire head with no longer than ¼” length. However, this can be tapered a bit on the back as well as the sides but not a dramatic difference in length.

High and Tight

higt and tight

This is typically known as an American Marine hairstyle with the hair cut very close and neatly to the head. Typically, the length on the sides and back is very short cut using clippers with no attachment. Across the top, the hair is typically cut to approximately ¼”. Overall, this is a style that has been primarily used in the Marines but is still popular in other aspects as well.

Induction Cut

Induction Cut

Traditional haircut that is given to all new recruits in the armed services for the United States. The style is categorized by the very short haircut length that is even all around the head. Typically, this style is given using clippers with no attachment so that the length is very short, as well as even all around. Also commonly called the burr cut.

Landing Strip

hair styles

This is commonly referred to the portion of the scalp that is seen in a very short haircut. Traditionally this is the flat area of the scalp, rather than the entire scalp. Different hairstyles offer different landing strip sizes with some being small and others much larger. Each style has a different requirement for the landing strip.

Low and Tight

low and tight

This is very similar style to the high and tight marine style haircut. The biggest difference is instead of having the very short hair on the sides and back it is instead only approximately half way trimmed with the rest of the hair being the longer length. This provides a more casual appearance, however is also often combined with a flattop hairstyle to provide a unique look.

Regulation Haircut

Regulation Haircut

This is a term that is used to describe a very short and highly tapered haircut. Designed to have the back as well as the sides cut very short and quite close to the scalp along the lower back and sides, the top however is cut a bit longer. There are several variations on the different lengths and even the attachments that are used to create the shorter lengths. It is important to use specifics if you want this haircut to ensure you get exactly what you want.



This is the style of haircut that involves actually removing all of the hair from the head. Choosing whether you want all or only part of the head shaved is your choice, however it is important to realize that a shave is not leaving any hair in the area that is shaved. If you want some hair left after the hair is shaved then you are wanting a different style that involves clippers.

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