What are beard and mustache dyes?


As you get older, your hair and beard will inevitably whiten. Some people may see different colors at a young age. This can be an uncomfortable situation. It is possible to overcome all of this. Beard dyes should be chosen to keep your skin in the best condition and keep it well-groomed. The natural beard will match your color and provide the most suitable color tone. Being well-groomed and healthy will make ourselves happy. Now I will give you a lot of clues that will make you look great.

Properties of beard and mustache dye;

  • Formulated for your beard and mustaches.
  • Single box and multiple use
  • In just 5 minutes, you get rid of the shades of gray.
  • Provides easy application with ergonomic brush.
  • It keeps your skin at its best and keeps it well-groomed.

How to apply beard dye?

It is very simple to use. You will reach the result in only 3 steps.

Paint tubes; Fill the paint tubes from the package into a container and squeeze. Mix thoroughly with the plastic tip of the brush until it is fully integrated.

Application; Apply the paint mixture you prepared with the help of a brush. After wait for 10 minutes.

Washing; Wash your beards lightly with a massage. Do not use soap.

You will get excellent results at amazing levels. You will look much more vivid than the old one.

How to use beard dye?

We recommend that you wear gloves so that your hands do not paint. There are 2 tubes that resemble toothpaste. Tighten these products into a container and mix with a brush. Once the mixing process is complete, you should use a brush to smooth the beard. Do not rub your face with your hands. Wash your beard with a beard shampoo. Wash the running water until it gets a clean color. That is all.

İmportant note; We recommend that you have an allergy test before using such products.

beard and mustache

What you need to pay attention to;

  • Never apply paint tubes without mix with each other.
  • Apply each area equally while driving the mixture.
  • Choosing color tone is very important.
  • You should wait until the beard dye is dry. Early washing prevents you from reaching the final result.

Beard dye for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive and allergic skin, you should choose a suitable beard color. Organic and natural products are available for you. You can also use it in homemade beard dye products. You should stay away from chemical products. By the way best beard dye for sensitive skin; BlackBeard For Men-3.

How long is the beard dye life?

In general, it takes about two to three weeks when you color your beard. However, the beard dyeing formula is relatively economical.

Can hair dye be used on a beard?

Hair and beard structure is different. So hair shampoos are not used for beard. In the same way you should not use hair coloring on beards. You get an interesting color tone. In addition, hair color can clog pores in your skin. In summary hair color is separate, beard color is separate.

Beard dye prices

Organic & Natural Dark Brown Beard Dye –  $ 8 -17

Blackbeard for Men – 3-pack (Black) –  $ 10 -25

Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Mustache Color –  $ 15 – 30

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