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Some of you would consider it a blessing, and yet for others you still see it as a curse. I’m taking about shaving your facial hair. The whole notion of facial hair has changed over time back and forth.

At one time it was fashionable to have a long beard. There have also been times when a total clean shave was the norm. And currently we’re living in a time where stubs and a complete beard are fashionable. Having a beard is even so popular now a days that I’ve even seen several newsreaders coming on TV with well-cultivated facial hair.

So if you have a nice full beard and you follow the current fashion somewhat then getting the best beard trimmer is something that could be on your mind.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

As with history, the current state of fashion also has many forms and shapes. Some stick with the ordinary moustache, while other go for the full Monty and leave their facial hair growing all over for a very long time.

And of course having the best beard trimmer allows you to make many shapes and forms to your beard, adding an extra dimension to your personality and style.

The latest innovation comes from the Dutch electronics company Philips. They have developed a beard trimmer that is so called “Laser Guided”. When trimming your beard you will see the contours clearly lit by a laser that is fitted on the head of this beard trimmer. It’s not that this one is the best beard trimmer, but it is a nice gadget…

Whether this will qualify as the best beard trimmer remains to be seen.

How to Actually Use a Beard Trimmer

Buying a good bread trimmer is actually easy; using it could be a different matter for a lot of men. Let me give you some ideas.

Depending on how long you want your beard to be, you adjust the settings to your desires. Then starting from you sideburns you move your trimmer downward where you stop at the middle of you chin. You repeat this process left and right until your whole beard is done.

You then put your trimmer to minimal length and only do the lower part of the beard in your neck. The part at the end (or beginning) of your jaw line and below.

Usually it works best if you do not go against the grain. If you do you might cut out chunks around the area of your yaw line.

How to Get the Best Beard Trimmer

There are plenty of beard trimmers out there, and finding one that suits your needs depends greatly on your personal needs and wants.

A good beard trimmer also doesn’t have to be that expensive. Here are a couple of points you might want to look at and consider before you buy:

  • Brand; When it comes to brand there is also plenty of choice. But as is usually the case with brands that with a brand comes a price. While often a brand safeguards quality this is not always the case.
  • Price; As mentioned above, usually brand beard trimmers usually come at a price. And there is your own personal budget to consider.
  • Wireless or not; To be honest, I’m not 100% sure if non-wireless beard trimmers are still sold. Mine is rechargeable and a full charge lasts for about 5-6 weeks when I use it every other day. Pretty good!
  • Accessories; You can buy a beard trimmer that does only that. Trim your beard. I would strongly suggest buying a machine that can do more facial hair trimming, like nose hair and hair in and around your ears.

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Going Electric

It makes sense that most beard shavers will be electric beard trimmers. But also there they come in all forms and shapes. No wonder that it can be confusing to find the right one that meets your needs. No worries. I’ve got you covered with this article that will help you make the best choice. In the article I go back to the very first days of the electric shaver and how it came into being. Plus at the end there is a nice overview of some of the best value for money beard shavers. Click here to find out more.

Men Don’t Want Hair Everywhere

I guess this could come as a surprise for some of you guys. This is not hairloss (on your head) that I’m talking about. No, I’m talking about actually grooming the rest of your body hair. Through the times this has been a fashion statement as well. Trimming and grooming body hair. If I’m not mistaken, the current fashion is to groom the middle part of a men’s body ;)

But then again, what do I know about fashion. Still hair removal is certainly not only for women. More and more products are coming on the market that are specifically targeted for men. Als the natural hair removal is in the lift.

Other Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Next to natural ways to remove unwanted hair, there are of course also other products available. The best well known one’s will probably be the creams that you apply on your body, leave there for eight to ten minutes and then remove. But technology has not stopped there. These days you can buy yourself a so called iLight device that is kind of like a do it at home laser hair removal tool. Read more by clicking here.

What If You Want a Thicker Beard?

Well, there’s a good question. What if you want a thicker beard? What if you have scattered beard growth? Is there anything that you can do to speed up the growth of facial hair if you want to. The research that I’ve done for this site did not bring me much. There seems to be no scientific evidence that proofs that there are ways to speed up beard growth. But I didn’t stop there. Read this article and find out what you can do to let your hair grow faster

Hair Everywhere (like your nose)

There is a lot to do about facial hair. And most of us are not happy with what they have. Either too curly hair on their head, or no hair at all. Too much hair on their chest and on their back etc. But there are areas where men have hair that is often forgotten when it comes to grooming it. I’m talking about hair in and on your ears, and hair growing out of your nose. If you know what I mean, or have suddenly woken up that you need to pay attention to your nose hair,

Not Shaving, But Trimming

There are other ways to groom your beard than shaving and trimming. I’m talking about clipping and clippers. In this article I’m describing a bit of history of the beard clippers, as well how to best use them. Of course you can expect a couple of tested clippers and reviews.

Beard Trimmer Reviews

On a site that talks about facial hair and more specifically beards, it makes sense to have a couple of specific reviews as well. This article reviews the latest and best beard trimmers available. It lists the specifics per item. Make sure to check it out

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