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Finding you the best electric shaver that meets your needs (and budget) is the purpose of this article

Not everyone has or likes facial hair. I myself have a neatly trimmed beard. But there have been times that I enjoyed a clean shave, and there have been times that my employer at that time and my job required me to not have any facial hair.

In my younger years I would shave myself using a razor, shaving foam and everything else. I guess it was when I was younger and trying out new stuff.

As I think it will go for most men, we all try wet shaving, dry shaving and no shaving and eventually will find a method that will stick with us.

A Bit of History

The technology for electric shavers had developed enormously over the last couple of years.

The first patented razor appeared on the market in 1928, while the Remingtoncooperation further developed it and made it more of a household item.

Only a couple of years ago there were two systems, the one with rotating blades and the one with a blade that would move sideways.

It took years for companies to further innovate from the original product to finally adding double blades and other new tricks to deliver a cleaner and more comfortable shave.

Now a days there are electric beard shavers that you can take in the shower, imitating a wet shave.

Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

One of the biggest advantages for using an electric shaver is that you don’t need any water and or foam.

This makes it possible to have a shave pretty much anywhere. From your home bathroom to the car or the office.

An other advantage is that the double/triple blades will not go blunt as they do with using an ordinary wet shave razor.

There are also different types of razors (rotating and sideways) giving you an option to choose the best electric shaver that meets your specific needs.

Finally a big advantage is that the after effects of an electric shave will usually produce less of the so called shavers rash.

Possible Negative sides

Any possible negative sides could be that an electric shaver will not deliver such a smooth result as a wet shave can.

An other could be that eventually you need electricity to recharge the rechargeable batteries.

Finding the Best Electric Shaver

Finding yourself the best electric shaver is not as hard. There are plenty of online stores available where you can go.

You might want to consider a couple of points before you buy, and put your priorities in order:

  • The Price: an electric shaver costs money. And a lot more than razor blades used for wet shaving. So do the math, how much razors can you buy before you break even with the model you’re considering buying?
  • What system will you use? The rotating blades or the sideways moving blades. Some people will only use one type.
  • How long will the batteries last? I’m assuming here that you will buy a rechargeable type. Take a close look at the capacity of the installed batteries.
  • Brand: will you go for a brand name, or is an unknown brand as good?
  • Multi-functional: some electric shavers only shave. Others are able to do trimming and take care of your nose and ear hairs as well.

Wrapping it Up

Whether you opt for a dry shave of a wet shave always is very personal. Some people will only shave in the shower and will use an ordinary razor. Now a days there are very good electric razors that you can also take in the shower, with shaving foam and all

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